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Your management of

the Mobility Budget

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Consultancy, management and governance for your Mobility Budget

The Belgian Federal Mobility Budget is a simple concept which, as a matter of principle, cannot increase the costs of the company. On the other hand, it proves to be complex to implement : 

  • What decisions need to be taken?

  • What new structures and procedures need to be created to manage the three pillars of the Mobility Budget?

  • What opportunities does the Mobility Budget offer and how can you take advantage of them?


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Silvia / Materialise

I have always been mindful of reducing my environmental impact by choosing the best way to get to the office.


I use the bike to get to work, or the bus on rainy days. What I like about the mobility budget is that my green mobility choice is finally rewarded.



The Olympus app is useful for keeping an eye on your mobility budget and it's very convenient because you can buy train and bus tickets directly from there. It also has a very good help line.

Rely on MMBB to manage the reimbursements of the Mobility Budget:


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