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Olympus App integrates MMBB services: all you need to have!

Mobility Budget: Olympus Mobility and MMBB partner to process mobility expenses more efficiently.

Gregory Livis - 23/06/2021

As of 1 July 2021, employers will be able to offer their employees a more efficient way of spending their mobility budget by means of the Olympus platform.

The fact is that, as an employee, you cannot always use applications and debit cards to purchase the mobility products allowed by law.

In the first place, you can think of buying a bicycle on the Internet or in a store like Decathlon or Makro, because they sell products other than soft mobility and cannot be paid for with a special "Mobility Budget" payment card.

Another example is entering the cost of rent or the interest on a mortgage loan. These costs can be included under pillar 2 of the legal mobility budget. However, many elements must be checked to ensure that when an inspection is made, everything is in order.

This service allows companies to sit back and relax thanks to the new initiative of Olympus Mobility and MMBB.

Moreover, a change to the legal mobility budget will invariably be recorded by MMBB, so a company will always correctly follow the legislation.

Much more complete and user-friendly option

For the employer, managing such mobility budget payments is administratively cumbersome and complex. Reimbursing an expense requires a rigorous process to meet all legal and other expectations.

The employee submits a request for reimbursement that must be served quickly. The request must be reviewed, approved, reimbursed, and the employee must be given a record of the history of his requests and the balance of his mobility budget.

This is where MMBB's services come into the picture; namely, they ensure that these reimbursement requests are processed for approval more efficiently and according to legal rules. The Olympus app makes all this possible by seamlessly integrating MMBB's reimbursement services into its app. In this way, employers can provide unparalleled service to their employees.

The combination of the Olympus platform and mobility app integrated with the MMBB service delivers a much more complete and user-friendly option for managing the mobility budget than service providers relying on payment cards.

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