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MMBB & Olympus Mobility

Posted in Knack on January 5, 2022, Fokus - Fleet & Mobility

The mobility budget :

The fastest ones are already benefiting from it, the others are talking about it.

Whether you are a CEO, CFO, HR, mobility or fleet manager, mobility budget is an easy project to implement if you have the right support, guidance and tools.

Choose the partnership that offers you the right expertise, the right support and the easiest tools.

Olympus Mobility and MMBB: the fastest way to a successful mobility budget.

I use my budget of 800 € per month to pay my house or my rent without touching my net salary.

I therefore have an additional net salary of €800 per month.

With this saving, I can organize my own mobility from A to Z.

For example, I can buy a car of my choice, in my name, an electric bike and many other things, because it is my net salary.

The only condition is that you telework more than 50% of the time or that you live less than 10 km from your workplace.


Over the years, the budget I receive for my company car has increased. However, my needs are no longer proportional and I now have other priorities than a nice, big car.

By buying an eco-friendly car, I free up enough budget for :

  • Buying international train tickets to travel abroad.

  • Renting a car at my vacation spot.

  • Take a cab or a shuttle to the airport and many other things...


I now travel by train. It's not faster, but I save a lot of time working instead of driving. It gives me more peace of mind and I create more valuable time for myself.

It also frees up a lot of money for my mobility budget and I use it to rent a car to go on vacation.

In addition, I financed two electric bikes to go on trips with my partner.

I also pay for train tickets for my city trips, both in Belgium and in Europe, and train tickets for my children.


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