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The majority of fleet managers believe in the mobility budget.

About 360 fleet managers participated in the link2fleet seminar (120 on the French side and 240 on the Dutch side). This panel is therefore highly representative of fleet managers whose main task is vehicle management.

During the seminar, link2fleet conducted an online survey among the participants and the results were very positive, because although they know that the mobility budget is not yet a success, they confirm their intention to introduce it.

To the first question, "I think that the mobility budget should definitely be included in a mobility plan", 54% (NL) and 86% (FR) replied "yes", 30% (NL) and 14% (FR) "maybe" and 17% (NL) and 0% (FR) "not necessary". French speakers are thus even more "fans" of the mobility budget than Dutch speakers. But for both, this is a huge improvement over last year, when about 6% of the same companies were planning to introduce a mobility budget.

To the second question "I recognize the importance of starting a mobility plan today" 64% (NL) and 94% (FR) answered "yes", 23% (NL) and 6% (FR) "not sure" and for 12% (NL) it was not a priority and 0% for the French speakers. Again, francophones believe that they should implement a mobility plan without further delay. This, in combination with question 1, is very encouraging and makes us suspect that these companies will implement a mobility budget in the near future (1 to 2 years).

To the third question "To realize a mobility plan I will be assisted by experts/experts" 62% answered "yes", 33% "maybe" and 5% were going to do it themselves. Here there was no significant difference between NL and FR participants. This shows that these companies are rightly aware of the complexity of implementing the mobility budget in their company.

Another interesting figure that emerges from several surveys is that 80% of employees want a broader and more flexible mobility than the traditional company car. So once employers offer such mobility, it will most likely be very successful.

The only negative point raised during the seminar was the government's postponement of measures to improve mobility budgets. The majority of participants regretted that everything was rejected in its entirety because some improvements were urgent, such as the 95gr/100km which is far too restrictive in WLTP. #mobiliteisbudget#link2fleet

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