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The Services

Our offer is personalised for all the services you wish to entrust to us.

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Audiovisual conference on mobility

Info Sessions

Inform to better decide

The implementation of the Mobility Budget raises many questions among users. We help you to inform them.

Signing of a Mobility Budget policy contract

Policy creation and management

A complete approach

The Mobility Budget must have its "Mobility Budget policy" just like your car fleet has a "car policy".

Mobility Choice Meeting

Accompanying the decision

know the pros and cons

Fundamental choices have to be made which will serve as a framework for the implementation of Mobility Budget.

voting on mobility priorities


know the needs

We offer professional tools to identify the situation, needs and interests of both users and decision-makers.

Mobility TCO analysis

The TCO Service

no cost escapes you

The mobility budget is based on a calculation of the total cost of the company car for the company.
There is no single formula. If some parameters are clear, many others have to be defined.

Relaxed mobility manager

Management of the Mobility Budget

Easy and transparent

Mobility Budget management allows your employees to travel the way they want, when they want.

fleet management

Vehicle fleet management

We manage mobility by user

According to the adage "Who can do more can do less", we can manage the rest of your company car fleet in a very professional way at a lower cost than your current cost for the services provided.

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