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Pay your house with the mobility budget in 2022.

As of 1/1/2022 mobility budget beneficiaries will be allowed, if their employer allows it, to finance their home with the Mobility Budget Pillar 2.

Previously only the interest charges were reimbursable by Pillar 2 for employees who lived within 5 KM of their usual place of work.

As of January 1, 2022, the interest and principal on home mortgages are reimbursable for employees living within 10 km from their usual place of work.

Why is it important ?

In practice, four times as many employees are concerned thanks to the extension of the radius from 5 to 10 KM. The amount of reimbursement is also multiplied by four.

Teleworking at more than 50% also allows an employee who lives more than 10 km from his employer to benefit from it!

An employee who decides not to have a company car can reimburse his home with his mobility budget. This represents an increase in his net monthly budget of 300 to 600 euros!

For the employer, this is a very powerful tool to attract and retain employees. Even better, by using a tool like the Olympus Mobility App, he will not have to check, manage or charge these amounts to the mobility budget: everything happens without any intervention from the employer thanks to the Refundr* functionality.

*Refundr: verification and archiving of proofs of payment, approval of amounts, staggered payments to the employee's account and integrated and transparent monthly billing.

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