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Your dream bike or motorbike with the mobility budget has never been easier

As of 1/1/2022 mobility budget beneficiaries will be allowed, if their employer allows it, to finance their bicycle or any other electric means of travel in their mobility budget.

This will allow these employees to replace the purchase of a bicycle, which can be very expensive in relation to their budget, with financing over a few years (2 to 4 years).

Why is this important?

This will allow them to acquire immediately the means of transport of their dream without having to wait that their budget is important enough that to be able to pay it cash.

If the employee's free monthly budget is between 100 and 200€, they will be able to buy an electric bike as soon as they decide to do so, thanks to financing from their bank. Without this new flexibility of the mobility budget they would have to wait a year or more before they could do it!

For the employer it is also often easier not to have to manage the ordering, administration, variety of possibilities, fleet management and accounting of the invoices of these bikes.

Better yet, using a tool like the Olympus Mobility App, he won't even have to charge these amounts to the mobility budget: everything happens without employer intervention thanks to the Refundr* functionality.

*Refundr: verification and archiving of proofs of payment, approval of amounts, staggered payments to the employee's account and integrated and transparent monthly billing.

Is this the end of company bike leasing?

Certainly not: thanks to a bike lease, the employee does not have to obtain financing from his bank. It is a service that is highly appreciated by the employee and can be part of the employer's comfort, attraction and retention tools.

Moreover, the leasing of company bicycles is always the best solution in cafeteria plans and for all employees who do not (yet) have access to the mobility budget. It allows them to acquire a sustainable means of transportation at an unbeatable price.

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