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Mobility Budget Management

Mobility Budget management is an activity that manages all the trips chosen by your employees within the framework prescribed by law. We offer you, within the framework of a service contract, the management of all these activities without you having to create, learn or define the procedures.


The following is a non-exhaustive list of these management activities:

  • individual offers of Mobility Budget to employees who request it,

  • the management of Mobility Budget contracts with member employees,

  • management of the Mobility Policy,

  • Training and support for Employees benefiting from a mobility budget.

  • The management of contracts for the leasing of environmentally friendly vehicles

  • leasing contracts for electric bicycles or motorcycles,

  • the management of recurring leasing costs,

  • the management of non-recurring mobility expenditure (Pillars 1 and 2).

  • the recording and management of all your management costs associated with the Mobility Budget.

  • the management of the contracts of soft mobility service companies,

  • management of the balance of the Mobility Budget available at any given time,

  • management of questions from users of the mobility budget,

  • production of legal reports and reimbursements via payroll,

  • the verification, approval and breakdown of all these costs by user and cost type .

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