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The TCO of the Mobility budget in practice:

Let's take an example: Jean is an executive who has a car in the Audi A4, BMW 3, Mercedes C-class. The price of the financial lease for this investment of 33.900€ is 377€ excluding VAT per month for a four-year contract and 30.000 km per year.



In addition to this, operational services are also included:

  • The road tax,

  • Insurance,

  • Tires (summer, winter),

  • Maintenance and repairs,

  • Roadside assistance,

  • The replacement vehicle in case of immobilization,

  • The support and contract management of the leasing company.

We are now at a total of 625€ per month in operational leasing.

But we are still far from the total cost to Jean's employer.



He's gonna have to pay more:

  • The fuel,

  • The CO² solidarity tax,

  • Non-recoverable VAT,

  • Taxes on tax-exempt expenses.

We arrive at 1.031€/month.



Finally we have to add all the costs paid by the employer, outside the leasing contract (deductibles, small damages, end of contract fees, parking in the city centre, car wash, management costs...).


And we arrive at a mobility budget for Jean of 1.270€/month.

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