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The Inventory

Essential starting point for success

It is well known that in order not to fail you have to be well prepared.


But what do you have to prepare for when you do something new?


Here is an overview of the preparation tasks we carry out with you:

  • Identification of the needs of all parties involved: this is the best guarantee for the success of the project. Particularly concerned are: human resources, general services, accounting, general management and users.

  • Calculation of the total annual cost of company cars and mobility by integrating the private and professional share of the use of company cars as well as the non-leasing and indirect costs related to the fleet of company cars.

  • Detection and clarification of grey areas.



On the basis of these needs, costs and grey areas, a list of activities to be carried out for the implementation of the project will be made.

You will be ready for the next step. 

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