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Mobility budget :
why wait any longer?
Thierry Devresse - Managing Director MMBB

80% of companies say they want to improve mobility
of their employees by giving them more choice.

A good mobility management through a mobility budget has many advantages :

  • You make your business more attractive.

  • You retain your employees.

  • You reduce your environmental footprint.

  • You can better organize remote work.

  • You can complement your fleet with electric cars..

So why do so few companies embark on this adventure ?

Because it is complex and requires a lot of time and expertise! Among other things, you must :

  • Draw up a new adapted mobility policy.

  • Define a plan for the electrification of your fleet.

  • Be aware of all the options and their possible combinations.

  • Determine which ones are optimal for your company and its employees.

  • Select the partners and tools that will form your mobility solution.

  • Coordinate the cooperation between these partners.

  • Be able to answer many questions from management, colleagues and employee representatives.


This is where it gets easier, because that's exactly what MMBB does for companies.

We can do all this for you without making you spend an extra euro.

This is our job: we are strong and unique in this field!

Interested in hearing more?

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