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There are plenty of good reasons to implement the Mobility Budget.

The first motivation to implement a Mobility Budget must be to meet a real need of your employees. To help you verify this we will, in a simple and efficient way, inform your employees about what a Mobility Budget is and then map out their motivations to choose for the Mobility Budget.


The second good reason is that, by definition, the mobility budget is a financially neutral operation for the employer and it is financially positive for the Employees. So you should certainly not think that it is going to be expensive or that it is going to generate direct savings for you.


On the other hand, the mobility budget will bring you indirect savings because it will differentiate you from your competitors on the labour market. You will thus be able to attract people who would not have a mobility budget offered in the other companies where they apply. You will also increase the loyalty of your employees who will not leave for another employer who offers this service.


But there are other benefits that your company will enjoy.

  • The reduction of CO².

  • The improvement of your corporate image.

  • Reduced parking requirements.

  • Better use of your employees' commuting time because they can work instead of driving.

  • Improving your ISO certifications (e.g. ISO 14.000: Environmental Management Systems).

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