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My motivations for the Mobility Budget

Homme d'affaires mature


"I can spend this budget better"

Over the years, the budget I get for my company car has grown.

My needs, however, are no longer in proportion and I now have other priorities than a nice, big car.
By buying an eco-friendly car, I free up enough budget to 

  • pay for one or even two electric bikes to go for family outings

  • offer me high-speed train trips abroad

  • Renting a car at my holiday location

  • take a taxi or a shuttle to the airport...

femme senior au volant


"I drive a lot"

The budget for my company car is based on an average number of kilometres and does not take into account all the costs.


For example, depending on the car policy, the expenses not allowed, the taxation of the car and especially the fact that I drive many more kilometres.

As the mobility budget is calculated on my actual kilometres I can order an ecological car that I could not afford with the budget of my company car.
What a pleasure to drive green!

Jeune homme avec bras tatoué


"I don't need a car"

With my Mobility Budget, I can afford it:


  • the rental of several electric bicycles

  • shared car rentals.

  • tickets or subscriptions for buses, trains, trams, subways, etc.

  • taxi rides

  • the payment of a part of your rental*

  • train or TGV escapades in Belgium or Europe with my family,

  • Public transportation passes...




* provided that I telework more than 50% or live within 10 km of my place of work.

Femme en blouse blanche

""I pay for my house with gross wages!"

I use my budget of 800€ per month to reimburse my house or pay my rent without touching my net salary.


So I have 800€ more net salary available each month. With this saving I can manage my mobility myself from A to Z and I manage to have more while spending less!


For example, I can buy a car of my choice, in my name, an electric bike and many other things because it is my net salary. 


I can also buy a car of my choice, in my name, an electric bike and lots of other things because it's my net salary.

* provided that I telework more than 50% or live within 10 km of my place of work.

Jeune homme heureux


"I drive very little"

When the weather permits, I ride my electric bike to the office, which I pay for with my mobility budget.

When the weather is bad, I take the bus, the train, the streetcar, the subway or even the cab which I pay with my mobility budget card.

I have a green car in my mobility budget with a very low number of kilometers and I still have enough left to pay for a few trips by train or TGV to Belgium or Europe with my family
Maybe in the future I won't lease a green car anymore because it's more flexible and economical for me to take shared cars.

Femme d'affaires souriante



"I work while I'm on the move"

I now commute by train or office bus.

It's not faster but I save a lot of time working instead of driving.

Plus, it frees up a lot of money for my mobility budget and I use it to rent a car for my vacations and I financed two electric bikes to go on getaways with my partner.

I also pay for train tickets for my city trips in Europe and my children's train passes.

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