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What's new in the mobility budget

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

The law was published on NOVEMBER 25, 2021 .

Reading the text of the law is arduous. I summarize here the changes made:

  1. Concerning housing reimbursements, the distance between home and work is extended from 5 to 10 km and the mortgage principal is added to the interest

  2. The possibility of paying for public transport passes is extended to the whole family living in the same house.

  3. The possibility to pay for parking fees, both private and public, related to a public transport pass for either a car or a bicycle has been added.

  4. The possibility to pay for equipment improving the visibility of the driver and his passengers for soft mobility has been added.

  5. Motorized tricycles and quadricycles are added to the bicycles in pillar 2, if they are designed to carry people and, in the case of quadricycles, equipped with an enclosed passenger compartment.

  6. Pillar 2 funding for cycles, tricycles and quadricycles has been added.

  7. The introduction of a pedestrian bonus of 0.24€ per kilometer walked or stepped was added.

  8. A formula allowing the possibility to calculate the TCO on a lump sum basis as well as another formula according to which the amount of the expenses must be calculated on the basis of the real costs (these formulas are still to be defined by royal decree). This formula should not be compulsory, each company will always be able to decide to define its own formula in accordance with the legal guidelines.

  9. The waiting periods for the employee of 3 and 12 months are abolished. A startup that is less than 36 months old can therefore immediately offer a mobility budget to its employees if at least one company car is made available.

  10. The possibility of compensating business travel outside the mobility budget (without increasing the employer's costs) has been added.

  11. A minimum and maximum budget for the mobility budget (Min. 3.000€ and max 16.000€ per year not exceeding 1/5 of the employee's gross salary) is added. For people who already have a mobility budget before 25/11/2021 this rule is applicable from 1 January 2023.

An article from MMBB b.v.

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