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The best SUV for the Mobility Budget (by far).

Yesterday I visited the car manufacturer Lynk & Co in their "Club" in Antwerp and I share here my "report" because it is a disruptive offer oriented towards the mobility budget users but which could also be used to replace the classical leasing.

Lynk & Co is a Chinese car manufacturer, a daughter company of the Chinese Geely Group.

You may already know, but Geely also owns Volvo, Polestar and many other brands not present in Europe.

Geely is also an important shareholder of the Daimler group (9.7% in 2019).

In Belgium, there is only one car model available at Lynk & Co: the "01" model and only the PHEV version is compatible with the mobility budget.

This car is an SUV built on the platform of the Volvo XC40 and with the Volvo T5 engine.

The car is 12cm longer than the XC40 and its battery autonomy is superior (14.1KW against 10.7KW for the Volvo XC40 PHEV).

It's a 261pk SUV, so it's powerful and meets 95% of any family's needs.

What is remarkable to say about the Lynk & Co model 01 PHEV:
  • It is equipped as standard with (almost) all the options: panoramic roof, xenon headlights, infinite hifi, electric seat (no leather), adaptive cruise, lane assist, at least 6 cameras, sensors all around, automatic driving, electric trunk closure, GPS, etc...

  • The only option to order is the trailer hitch at 40€ per month and a choice of color to make: blue or black.

  • It can be rented by individuals "by the month" for a fixed price of 500€ including all taxes, insurance and maintenance (except fuel and electricity), cancellable monthly without charge with a 20 days notice.

  • It can be rented by companies on a monthly basis for a fixed price of 500€ HT including insurance, road taxes and maintenance (excluding fuel and electricity). Moreover, because of its low list price, the NTD is low for a car of this category.

  • It can be purchased at a price of 42.000€ including VAT or 34.710€ excluding VAT !

  • Lynk & Co has no dealers or salesmen, it is a 100% web sale. Lynk & Co in Belgium is just a "Club" located in the center of Antwerp, where you can see the car and book a free one-hour test drive via the website (Drukkerijstraat 18-20). You can also request to receive a car at your place of work for testing.

  • In case of order, you have an average delivery time of two to three months.

Do your calculations, personally I have a Volvo XC40 comparable in equipment and I pay more than 800 euros per month over 5 years. Lynk & Co is almost 40% cheaper and you can cancel whenever you want!

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