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Teleworking: If you don't ask you can' t know...

Soon one year of Covid19 and teleworking. Everybody agrees on this point: we are slowly but surely fed up.

At the beginning many people were delighted with teleworking and while managers were forced to accept it and to organize themselves to make it efficient. The Covid19 also had positive results: it forced a "live" test like never before.

But after a year, what about it ? Are the employees who were so enthusiastic at the beginning still so?

I have just completed a mobility survey with 450 people in a company that wanted to know the expectations of its employees in terms of mobility in order to better define the priorities for improvements to be made in future mobility.

... and the results are surprising!

95% of the employees ask for more teleworking.

53% want to work more than half of the time at home.

22% want to work exclusively from home (except for group meetings).

This is of course a context that should not be generalized to other companies because every company is different. But if you don't ask, you won't know!

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