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Policy Creation and Management

The Mobility Budget should have a "Mobility Budget policy" just like your car fleet has a "car policy".
In addition, the amount of the Mobility Budget will depend on your car policy. The cost of the Mobility Budget must be equal to the cost of the fleet cars. It is therefore essential to check that everything is correctly defined in your car policy in order to be able to justify the amount of the Mobility Budget.
We line up, write and manage these for you. 

Mobility changes every year. Whether it is due to legal, technological or market changes, these changes are more and more frequent and rapid.

Choose between our three standard philosophies:

  • "Less is More": Pure performance for your business.

  • "Al Gore": The police force that's most protective of the environment...

  • "Cosy Coach": The ultimate comfort for your employees


...or ask us to create your own "cocktail."

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